Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Who are we?

I guess the most important part is to tell you who I am.
I am Jim, I am 6 foot 2, 420+ pounds and I need to lose weight.

This is the story in the making of myself and my family going on a weight loss journey.

You will find pictures, information, links, funny ideas, sad times and a general overall daily updated story of our Journey.

Introducing the other characters here.
Jim (Me), Husband and father, tech support worker, 420+ pounds and RC car fan.
Audra, Wife and Mother, home maker, 297 pounds, pregnant and lover of sewing.
John, Room mate of 4 years who is weighing in at 332 pounds. Geek and RC plane enthusiast.
J.P. 8 year old with a penchant for Kajukembo, junior black belt trainee and lover of tomatoes.
Ayla, 4 year old lover of meat and cheese, makes a heck of a cup of imaginary tea.
Gizmo, monorail cat who brings up more food than puts it down.
Casey, 60 pound short hair collie (lapdog).

This is us.

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