Thursday, November 10, 2011


OMG, I have not eaten like this since I was a kid.
All of my life I have been told meats and fats are bad for you, yet someone I still ended up at 400+ pounds while eating relatively healthy but being sedentary.

So this was my breakfast/lunch today.

What we have here is one of the steaks from last night, cooked to a nice medium, 5 or 6 strips of nice chrispy bacon, and scrambled eggs cooked with butter (instead of fat free oils as normal) and a bit of minced beef with Tillamook medium cheddar scrambled in and topped.

This was too much for me, I was able to eat half the steak, most of the eggs and all of the bacon, and yet while I was full I was not nearly as weighed down as a normally feel. Normally after lunch I am rather tired and ready for a nap in the chair for an hour or so, instead I was wide awake.

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