Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dammit all to hell

So after a 30 minute to an hour of arguing back and forth about what tyo eat we went to Red Robin, not that we do not have anything in the house mind you, the cabinets are full and we have plenty, but my wife is rather lazy and kept saying, there is nothing here to cook, so I knew she would be cooking nothing and I was sick of fighting.

I go to Red Robin, order a burger protein style (lettuce wrapped) and then proceed to eat my fries, yep, just ate em, order another basket and split em with John.

Get home, figure in for a penny in for a pound and ate a couple of fun size butterfingers.

I hate slipping, I know I will be out of keto tomorrow, I already feel like hell, not from eating it but from the sugars in me, just feel blah and like crap. Kind of a depressing feeling honestly.

So 1st slip, that sucks but lets make it my last.

Oh and I need a new battery for my scale, the battery is now dead, but it can no longer decide if I am 401.8 or ERR. So that is about 20 pounds down, in just over 2 weeks time.

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