Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What are you planning to do?

So how are we planning to lose weight.
Well thanks to Reddit I came across discussions of Ketosis.
After a few weeks of research on the topic and speaking with others who had gone through the same struggles as me I decided on trying Ketosis.

I brought up the information to my family.
My wife and John were both supportive, both wanting to join.

So now here we start.

Ketosis is simple.

In the most basic terms Ketosis involves getting your body used to running on ketones rather than glucose from sugar in the blood stream.
In most bodies under our currently nutritional guidelines your body takes in sugar from the foods you eat and creates glucose, it is this glucose which our bodies and brains burn in order to survive. Without fuel we die, simple as that. Most people know this.
However what is not known as much is that the body and brain can run off of ketones.
In fact the body runs well off of ketones.
However where does the body get ketones.
Well that is why I like this diet, the liver uses fat to create ketones, this is the only place where the body can get ketones. Due to this the diet consists of plenty of fat, adequate protein and minimal carbs.
What this translates to is dinners consisting of a large steak with a side of broccoli covered in cheese sauce. Lunches that include grilled chicken salads and homestead style breakfasts consisting of plenty of bacon and eggs.

During the course of this story you will see what we eat and what it is doing to us or for us.

One of my motivating factors was this post on Reddit.

Wish us luck.

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