Sunday, May 27, 2012

Friday update.

OK, so another Friday update.
Well this one is a couple of days late.
But we have good reason this time.

We are about 40% moved over, we have finished painting the largest amount of rooms, we have decided where things are going, moved the 70's chair, moved the book cases and cleaned out most of the downstairs, today is the kitchen of all non-essentials including the alcohol.
We are also moving the snakes today, should be no issues to do that.

We also have all day tomorrow as well.

The new place is beginning to feel like home.

The only bad thing here is that this is killing my diet, eating out, fries, burgers etc, I even had a glass of Mt. Dew yesterday after eating a pastrami sandwich and fries.

Thankfully I am moving enough that I am working it off but I will never be able to work it all off, I have to really buckle down.

Well, time to do some more moving since it is now 10 after 1 and we are just now showering and getting ready.

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