Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I invented something which has already been invented.

Holy wow I have been busy.

Rapid fire update.

New house is fully moved into.
Old house is fully cleaned and a walkthrough (if you want to call it that) as been performed.
Work is non stop 6am to 8pm it seems. 6am for the west coasters, 8pm for the east coasters, this is why working form home rules/sucks.
I lost a ton of weight.

OK you got me, I have not actually lost a ton, I mean I weighed less than a quarter ton to begin with, though really not much less.

For months I was stuck riding the 380 line.

I get up this morning and hit the scale without really thinking about it.
370 pounds, on the nose!


Look at that, can you believe it! This marks my 50 pound mark. I am now down 52 pounds, it took me nearly 9 months of off and on keto, but I finally broke the plateu, I did it by eating at Red robin, those fries are delicious.

I did not know it but I was actually working with a known plan called the "Slow Carb Diet", figured it out for myself, told my wife I wanted to try this after doing some medical research, saw a link for the Four Hour Workweek this morning and lo and behold, this article, written 2 days prior.

Who knew, I have something in common with a rather smart dude.
Decided to get his book as well, I need some new, non fantasy, reading material.

Bunch of updates coming soon.

Keep tuning in you 2 or 3 people, it will be worth it.

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