Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Update.

Friday update.

Currently 381 pounds.

This week I am enjoying Percocet thanks to getting half my mouth root planned on Wednesday the 25th, getting 4 wisdom teeth pulled on Monday the 30th and getting the other half of my mouth root planned 2 days later on Wednesday the 2nd.

Sadly Percocet really does not work to well for me but it does take the edge off a little bit.

Unfortunately due to the pain I am unable to eat anything, I also want to avoid a dry socket issue so I am have been eating Vienna sausages, not bad for keto, just have to go easy on them, which is easy since I cannot open my mouth enough to actually bite them.

Today has been better, I can open my mouth nearly all the way.

This week I fly out to Cleveland Ohio, 6am Sunday morning out to Ohio. I hate airplanes, it is not the flying, not a huge fan of that in and of itself, but I hate flying because I am fat. Asking for a seatbelt extender, not being able to control the seat or use the tray because my gut is in the way, forget actually eating on the flight, the tray wont sit straight and so I would be spilling shit everywhere.

But the last time I flew I was 421 pounds, now I am 381 pounds. So I will update everyone and see what a difference of 40 pounds makes.

I thought I had some pictures around here from the last time but apparently not.

But no worries, I will take plenty of pictures this time.

I guess that is all for now. Just finished watching this video while writing this post, he details his weight loss, from 425 down to 210 in 15 months. I have been on the same path here, November 9th to today, 6 months, down 40 pounds, have been stuck at 380~ for the past 2 months, but working on it. So I dropped 40 pounds in 4 months, not amazing, but works for me.

And now it is quarter till 8, dinner has still not been made and the wife is suggesting Red Robin. So with 4 open wounds in my mouth, a general overall pain in my head and trying to lose weight, I am headed out to Red robin for dinner. Yay. 

Fuck it, I will make this an experiment, how Keto can I get at Red Robin.

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